Winning Tips For All of Your Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant challenges for the event planning industry, but we continue to be inspired by the resilience of our clients and partners. With the input of event planners throughout North America, we’ve fully optimized the Planned platform for the planning of virtual events and to support responsible social distancing at on-site gatherings.

Corporate events and the event planning industry as a whole changed in 2020, so Planned adapted quickly. Planned offered a solution to enterprises throughout 2020 without compromising our clients’ innovation and their events’ integrity.

As 2021 begins and we look to the future of meetings and corporate events, one thing is clear: companies need to reconnect through Planned, more than ever. We are here to offer a solution to companies throughout their journey to re-introducing in-person events again.

With a new year ahead of us, we see a greater opportunity for companies to come together and engage as a team in a post-pandemic world.

Planned understands the stress and worries that occur in all aspects of event planning and our priority is to make the process intuitive. We have helped hundreds of enterprises with events that are large and small, internal and external and of course, virtual, hybrid and in-person.

Here are five tips for a winning strategy for your next event:

Tip #1: Make a Choice!

Decide which type of event you would like to plan: in-person, virtual or hybrid. Once you’ve established your event type you will be able to strategically plan what suppliers you will need to connect with and which aspect of our marketplace to browse through.

Tip #2: Don’t Limit Yourself

In order to guarantee your event to be successful, unique, and safe, join Planned. Planned has an expansive marketplace of venues, A/V, staffing, equipment, catering, and everything you may need for any type of event you’re planning.

Tip #3: Stay Informed!

Use our COVID-19 map to stay updated on the gathering regulations implemented by your government officials. Planned understands that guidelines related to the pandemic change daily, and as an event planner it is essential that you are on alert for updates. This tool allows you to stay up to date on information that directly affects your events.

Visit our website and use the COVID map to see updated regulations for events across North America.

Tip #4: Take Safety Seriously

Ensure safety to your on-site guests. This year will look a lot less like a computer screen and more like making meaningful connections in person again. With this being said, make sure you are prioritizing cleanliness and sanitation. Luckily our marketplace includes suppliers that specialize in this. We have partnered with sanitization suppliers, mask distributors, cleaning staff, and rental companies who provide a zero risk guarantee.

Tip #5: Reconnect through Planned

Visit our website, book a demo, and start creating your safe, exciting and innovative events from start to finish using Planned.

Let Planned reconnect your company in 2021.

A group of boundary-pushers revolutionizing the event planning process.

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