Suffering from Zoom-fatigue?

Despite the much-needed “social” connection and efficiency that Zoom and other screen sharing platforms have provided companies in the last year, many event planners are facing the issue of resolving ‘Zoom-fatigue’.

Part of our mission at Planned is to revolutionize events, and now more than ever it’s about navigating away from the awkward silences and “you’re on mute, Nancy!” in online events.

We’ve heard it time and time again referred to as “Zoom fatigue” or the “Doom of Zoom.” The good news is, Planned has a solution!

Our expansive marketplace is filled with suppliers who are here to support your every event need and are dedicated to creating a virtual event experience that is interactive and will make your company feel together again. Don’t settle for a sad-looking happy hour with minimal conversation, let Planned bring the fun!

Our mission in 2021 is to reconnect companies through Planned by exploring the endless possibilities of virtual events. Explore what’s possible for your next event with Planned, book a demo!

Attend our upcoming exclusive event next week featuring three of our incredible suppliers to get your creative event planning juices flowing: RSVP

A group of boundary-pushers revolutionizing the event planning process.

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