Part of the Evolution

The power of the Planned marketplace is a major value proposition that sets us apart in the industry. Currently, we feature over 20,000 carefully curated suppliers across North America.

Over the past year, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Planned marketplace has evolved into an indispensable resource for event planners in major markets throughout Canada and the U.S.. The highly intuitive and user-friendly nature of our supplier discovery is largely the result of the talent and dedication of Stefan Trivuncic, one of Planned’s Senior Software Developers. Joining our team in October 2020, Stefan quickly established himself as an invaluable architect of Planned’s rapidly evolving platform in support of refining our user experience into the leadership position we enjoy today.

Stefan- the tennis star at Planned!

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Stefan’s family emigrated to Canada when he was just four years of age. Their journey brought them to St-Jerome, a bucolic town on the Rivière du Nord and gateway to a ski country in the Laurentian Mountains. From a young age Stefan has enjoyed computers and science fiction, while also enjoying hockey and tennis — all of which he remains passionate about despite his busy schedule.

Later, the family relocated to Ottawa where Stefan studied Criminal Justice at Carleton University, earning his Bachelor’s degree with a minor in Business Law. Stefan’s first exposure to programming came about while working at Academie de la Capitale, an independent school using the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum which incorporates a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) approach to learning. There, Stefan was introduced to coding as the lead instructor was a computer science professor at the University of Ottawa.

Stefan teaching at Academie de la Capitale.

“He introduced me to the world of programming and the opportunities it brought,” Stefan recalls. “I have no formal education in software development and am completely self-taught via various online mediums of educational platforms for software development, like Udemy and FreecodeCamp.”

“I originally wanted to go to law school to become a corporate or intellectual property lawyer and focus on areas in technology. But it became clear to me that the law was always reactive and not able to catch up with the ever changing technologies and software. I decided that I would rather be hands-on and be part of the evolution in software development instead of just reacting to it as a lawyer. During the rest of my B.A, I would balance my time between my university classes, learning to code, and work at that private school teaching students during the school year and summers.”

His journey eventually led him to join Planned in October 2020. When he initially joined Planned, the software was beginning to shift and that involved a lot of oversight, planning, and moving away from copious amounts of legacy code. While that process was initially difficult and required a dedicated team, Stefan has enjoyed seeing the progress of where the application started to where it is now.

“Working in the Marketplace, you really get to see where the application shines in terms of providing a variety of vendors and venues that can truly tailor to any industry’s events at any size or theme.”

Outside of the work itself, he appreciates the overall cohesiveness of the team that has remained even while working from home since October. “I’m excited when we have the team continuously in the same space and working on the product.”

When asked where Stefan sees technology and software development in the next five years he spoke about his hopes for the future: “My prediction and personal hope is that software companies will be regulated by the government from being able to monetize on a business model that feeds on human vulnerabilities,” he said, alluding to the controversies surrounding social media platforms.

Within the industry, Stefan admires Kyle Simpson, a leader and explorer in JavaScript and Functional Programming techniques. He also mentions Tristan Harris, whose prominent work is with Center for Humane Technology, a startup he co-founded to drive a comprehensive shift toward humane technology that supports the collective well-being, democracy and shared information environment.

It’s clear that Stefan’s passion for technology and software development continues to grow. In the months and years ahead his co-workers at Planned and our valued user base will have a front row seat to witness how Stefan and the Software Development team continue to drive the evolution of event planning into the future.

A group of boundary-pushers revolutionizing the event planning process.