It takes effort, a clear and actionable vision and a lot of planning to take on a leadership position in the global event planning industry. As has been evident, especially in the past year of growth, Planned is well on the way to establishing our solution as the premier all-in-one, no-cost event planning platform. None of this would be possible without our leadership team and the talented software engineers and developers who bring the vision to life.

One of those talents is Alex Beauchemin, Planned’s Principal Software Engineer. Today we celebrated Alex’s one-year anniversary at Planned and we congratulate him for repeatedly going above and beyond. Alex joined Planned at the onset of the pandemic and has since played a pivotal role in improving our product from the inside out.

A core goal of Planned is to continually add more seniority and skill to our software team in our quest to provide event planners with the best solution. We view software developers as creative problem solvers who are able to confront obstacles and find more impactful solutions to issues that arise. The team of developers at Planned figure out the “how” of the product and work in collaboration amongst each other, all while building relationships with the others on the team. As a quintessential team player, Alex says a combination of the seniority and skill “has huge effects on our codebase, which we see improving every day, and will really help with scalability and stability [of our product] in the future.”

He also added it “also helps onboard new people as the codebase is becoming cleaner and easier to understand everyday, even though we’re adding complexity and preparing to add a lot of new features.”

Alex’s career as a Software Engineer is somewhat unsurprising if you look back at his interests as a child. At a young age he enjoyed math and science and was fortunate enough to have access to a computer at a time when it was less common for households to have multiple, let alone a single desktop computer.

His fascination with computers, desire to problem solve, and curiosity led him to start programming small HTML and CSS websites at the age of twelve. Alex says, “programming stuck with me from a young age, I think because I like the scientific and mathematical component behind it, but also the creativity and creative process that comes with it.”

Alex grew up in Abitibi-Temiscamingue, a region located in western Quebec. Known as Quebec’s best-kept secret, Abitibi’s landscape is covered in vast acres of spruces, firs, and other undisturbed nature. As a true Quebecoir, one of his favorite foods is poutine, a dish originated in Quebec, of french fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy.

After completing receiving a degree in Multimedia, focused on 3D modeling and visual effects, from the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Alex began his professional career as a Web Developer and Front-end Developer at various companies in Montreal. Throughout his profession, Alex has been inspired by innovators such as, George Hotz, an American security hacker and software engineer who is known for reverse engineering the PlayStation 3 which landed him a lawsuit brought on by Sony, and Dan Abramov, who is a software engineer at Facebook and co-created an open-source JavaScript library for managing application state, Redux.

Amongst George and Dan, are incredible innovators in the world of software engineering and Planned is lucky to have some on the team. Today, Alex’s drive for software development has enabled Planned to focus on improving the product, cleaning up data, increasing product functionality and expanding overall product stability. His hard work has assisted Planned throughout a year when the event planning industry has been somewhat unpredictable.

Alex has a growth mindset and has continued to elevate our product. Currently, Alex is working on our upcoming release of our product launch which will go live in the upcoming months. He shared, “I’m excited to finally release what we call our ‘core’ and start seeing clients using it.” Over the course of the next few months, much of what Alex and the rest of the team at Planned have been working on, in the last year specifically, will be live for our users.

Alex shared that a year ago when he joined he was “excited to start this new challenge” and has kept that excitement with him every day.

A group of boundary-pushers revolutionizing the event planning process.