How to plan for this year’s (virtual) Halloween

The time has finally come to bring out the costume you’ve been planning all year because it’s officially HALLOWEEN. This year’s holiday falls on a Saturday and a rare blue full moon — which calls for a long night of extra spooky celebrations. As much as we love to go all-out on costumes, binge eat our fave candies, and pull out all the stops on the office and home decorations, Halloween 2020 will be slightly different this year. But different doesn’t mean canceled. We need to get a lil’ creative to continue spooky szn (social distance style), and that’s why we’ve come up with some ideas to not let the Halloween fun die this year.

Here are 5 ways to virtually celebrate Halloween with your staff, friends, or family while in quarantine:

🎃Virtual costume contest: there’s no need to let your Oscar-worthy costume go to waste. Be sure everyone who joins in on the call is dressed and ready to go in costume. To make it a real contest, send out categories such as scariest costume, funniest costume, or most creative costume. Have all attendees vote during the call using the poll feature or private chat feature, and organize prizes such as e-gift cards for places like UberEats or Amazon. May the best costume win!

🎃 Virtual games: curate a list of Halloween themed games to be a part of the night’s itinerary. Escape rooms, murder mystery, online tarot card readings, Ouiji board experience — your options are endless to select games that will maintain the creepy tone. These games will challenge, scare, and bring everyone together!

🎃 Horror movie marathon: if you’re more up for something low-key and (somewhat) relaxing consider hosting a horror movie marathon. Using the streaming platform Metastream allows all attendees to watch the film simultaneously. Stream some Halloween classics like , or newer scary films such as Get your popcorn ready and mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come.

🎃 Send treats: nothing screams Halloween than sweet treats. Give your attendees something sweet to snack on and send them holiday-inspired goodies. Go all out and send them Halloween sweet baskets, or something small like personalized Halloween desserts like ghost cookies, candied apples, or a of candy corn flavored sweetsGet your team excited and use a virtual vendor to send out your spooky goodie bags before the 31st.

🎃 Creepy cocktails: make it a real party by whipping up creepy cocktails! Hire a virtual mixologist to help all guests make professional-level Halloween-inspired drinks for a fun and engaging element to the party. Prep with the mixologist beforehand to know ingredients and send out to attendees before the party starts so everyone can have the ingredients on hand. Get ready to sip on eerie and tasty beverages!

We can still enjoy Halloween activities even though we can’t all be together. So get everyone together (virtually) and get those Zoom invites ready! Or… take it a little further and host a full-on event with custom themes to go with your company branding.

Happy Halloween!

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